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Spring 2022 Concert 3


Once again, CCO musicians, I thank you for your patience and dedication as our orchestra works through a season of music in challenging times. With any luck, we will meet up next Monday, January 24, to get down to work on our Shakespeare festival:

Samuel Coleridge Taylor Othello Suite (Dance, Willow Song and Funeral March
Dvorak Otello Overture, Op. 93
Mendelssohn Incidental Music from Midsummer Night’s Dream (Scherzo, Nocturne and Wedding March)

Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet

(Note: for those of you who have been asking, I scratched Merry Wives from the concert in the interests of trimming rehearsal and concert time.)

Many of you will know and perhaps have played Mendelssohn Midsummer Night’s Dream and Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet. The two Othellos are likely new to most everyone. The Dvorak is massive, built on the scale of one of his symphonies. For those of you who like to study reference recordings, check out these on YouTube:
This version scrolls through the score:

There is a terrific Berlin Phil performance led by the young Czech conductor Jakub Hrůša:

String players: the bowings you have in the Dvorak parts are legit. To help get ready for the rehearsal, string principals are sending in parts marked with fingerings that I will post when they are done.

Wind players: part assignments are posted in this google doc: